Outdoor Recreation And Safety Tips

To relieve stress from work and balance work and family life Outdoor Recreation is vital. Many people love getting out of their house every weekend like a ritual to relieve themselves from stress. For many, it is a hobby or activity done during leisure time and to escape work pressure. Of lately people are adventurous, and there are many outdoor activities to suit their whims and fancies like rafting, sailing, tree climbing, horse riding, high ropes, skydiving, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. It can be defined as physical activities that are conducted outdoors where new opportunities are created by connecting and socializing with people who carry the same interest.

Everyone knows that outdoor activities boost your health and help in curing various diseases, but taking some safety measures is equally vital, so let’s review regarding the risk and safety measures to be taken:

Risk Factors
Though outdoor recreations are the best way to spend your weekend and rejuvenate yourself, it has risks too. When you are outdoor, you are at risk from wild animals, snakes, and insects which you may not be familiar with. You will also have to face various climates, the heat and the cold, and sometimes it can be a heavy downpour with thunder and lightning, so be prepared with all the required gears and accessories. So, make sure that you understand the risks and act accordingly.

Safety Measure
• Physical Health: No matter what kind of outdoor activity you are planning to do, it is essential to have good physical health. With stretching, warming-up, training, good physical health is also to know when to quit. For outdoor group activities, such as camping, trekking or mountain biking, it is advisable to bring an expert to guide you, for example, for mountain biking bring a team of people having sufficient experience and for running bring an athlete coach. Make sure to carry enough water and medicinal supplies. For any activity, make sure that one person in the group is well versed with first aid to treat injuries and any emergencies.
• Proper Clothing: Clothing might not seem like a significant thing compared to carrying essential gears, but this is very crucial for any outdoor recreation activity. Appropriate clothing is determined by the type of the activity and the weather conditions. If the temperature is cold, try wearing layers of warmers clothing.
• Understand the weather: Before planning always check the weather. Install necessary applications on your gadgets to give you updates about the weather such as storm and rain. If you are planning to travel up the hill make sure that you are well experienced and take all precautions.
• Travel Buddy: Make sure that you have a travel partner with you so that you don’t feel bored. If you are going on a short trip bringing one person should be enough, if you are traveling to an isolated area away from the city, have at least five people in the group. Also, inform at home about your full travel plan, give them the details about your itinerary and other information that might help during any crisis.

These are some basic safety measures to be taken to enjoy a stress-free vacation. Happy Journey!

Writen by Robin Alvarez

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